7 Essential Imported Power Tools in Pakistan & Their Uses

7 Essential Imported Power Tools in Pakistan & Their Uses

Power tools are basically electric tools that are used in our daily lives to make our tasks easier. Power Tools Pakistan helps to increase the efficiency and precision of tasks. These tools are widely used to perform different tasks and are made of compressed materials. Most tasks in which these tools are used include construction, metalworking, woodworking, and other types of industries as well.

These tools usually require less effort and therefore replace many other types of manual tools. In this article, we will explore 12 different types of power tools and their uses. Let’s jump into the vast industrial world and explore the nature of power tools, how they make our daily lives easier and faster, and many more. Let’s Go and Explore!


Grinders are one of the best types of power tools that use sharp wheels or discs to cut, polish, or grind different materials. There are different types of grinders available in the market and each type of grinder performs different tasks. These tools are used in different types of industries as well as by DIY enthusiasts.

Grinders are basically used to make the edges smooth and polished. With the help of these grinders, you can easily cut off extra material or surface. Always use grinders by wearing some safety equipment.


A drill machine is the most powerful type of power tool. A power drill spins at a fast speed when you attach a driving or cutting tool to its chuck, which is connected to a motor. The tool begins to rotate quickly when it is forced against the object being drilled, helping you to make holes and drive efficiently and rapidly.

A drilling machine is usually used to make holes in different types of materials including wood, metal, and cement. These are also used to pierce surfaces with screws, nails, and bolts. Drilling machines are usually used in construction, carpentry, and other types of DIY projects. They are also used in assembling furniture and other tasks as well.

Hammer Drill

A hammer drill also known as a rotary hammer is specially designed to make holes in hard surfaces like concrete, stone, and masonry. If you want to perform a more effective task, especially on hard surfaces then always use a hammer drill instead of a simple drill machine. It is an amazing power tool to make work simpler with less effort.

Impact Drill

An impact drill is specifically designed to drive screws fast. The design of an impact drill and a simple drill is almost the same. But their functions are completely different from one another. An impact drill designed to work more quickly and steadfastly.

They drive screws more effectively than drills because of these “impacts” or bursts. Furthermore, the mechanism’s action maintains the driver bits complete engagement with the screw head. As a result, you almost never witness a driver bit rotating or sliding away.

Circular Saw

A circular saw is another best type of Power Tools Pakistan having a circular design. This tool is used to make straight cuts through different types of materials, especially wood. But it can also be used to cut other types of materials including plastic and metal. The blades around the saw are in circular shape having sharp teeth to cut various materials.

While electricity is the most frequent power source for circular saws, they may also be run on petrol or by a hydraulic motor that allows them to be attached to heavy machinery without the need for an additional energy source.

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is a portable type of power tool that usually works by the use of rechargeable batteries. Therefore, in operating a cordless drill a continuous flow of electricity is not required at all. These cordless drills are designed to provide flexibility and convenience.

Thus users can move freely by using this drill, as they do not have to attach the wire at any nearby switch. For many types of construction work, such as manufacturing furniture or constructing a deck, cordless drills are necessary.

Cut-Off Machine

If you want to cut metals, concrete, masonry, and tubes then cut-off machines are required. They are extensively utilized in emergency rescue, concrete flooring, and building and construction. Every cut-off machine has an abrasive edge that may be driven by an electric motor or petrol, enabling it to cut through different types of hard surface materials.

Where to buy the Best Power Tools

All types of power tools are extremely usable in everyday tasks and other types of construction industries as well as DIY projects. Therefore, different types of power tools are used to make the work flow easier and simpler. With the help of these tools, you do not have to apply so much force.

But the question arises here is that from where to get authentic and affordable power tools. MHS is a top leading brand, which has various types of power tools available of different brands that make your work life easier and time-saving. Check their website and get details regarding these tools.

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