Insulation Materials


Insulation serves as a barrier to heat absorption and loss, particularly in roofs and ceilings, walls and floors.
When it comes to improving a building’s energy efficiency, insulation is typically the most practical and cost-effective choice.
Maintaining a cooler temperature in summers and a bit warmer in winter, whereas reducing energy consumption by up to 46%.


Glass Wool Blanket rolls are used for premium thermal insulation of Houses / Commercial Buildings / Pre-engineered Buildings / Marquees / Steel Sheds/ Factories / other Commercial Areas. It is also recommended by consultants/architects for premium acoustic insulation, or it can be used in Cinemas/Studios/Home Theaters/other Commercial Projects.

These rolls are produced by using finest and durable glass fibers that are bonded together by high temperature binder. Depending upon the user requirement and the application, there are different sorts of glass wool:

  • Un-Faced Glass Wool (Plain) that can resist 230 C
  • FSK or Foil Scrim Kraft Glass Wool (with Aluminum Foil), this Foil can bear 100 C
  • White Vinyl “White Metalized Polypropylene” or WMP-VR or WMSK “White Metalized Scrim Kraft” (with Premium White Facing), this premium facing can resist 80 C

Above mentioned glass wool material is best known for its fire retardant characteristics, and it is complied with top global quality certifications and both British & American ISO Standards.


Available Products

Glass Wool Insulation Blankets: Un-faced/Plain, FSK, WMSK/WMP-VR, Fiberglass Tissue

Glass Wool Insulation Boards: Un-faced/Plain, and FSK

Flexible Duct: ALU “Plain” and with Glass Wool Insulation

Duct Liner, Clean Liner & Sound Liner: Premium Acoustic Insulation Blanket and Duct.

Glass Wool Insulation Pipe (Rigid Pipe Covering)

Service Temperature: -120 °C to 400 °C
Density: 10-48 kg/m³
Dimensions: Thickness: 25 mm to 50 mm
Width: 1m or 1.2m
Length: 10 m, 15 m or 20 m

Operating temperature: -195°C to +230°C (can go up to 450°C with special binder)
Density: 64 kg/m³, 75 kg/m³ or 80 kg/m³
Dimensions: Thickness: 25 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 65 mm, 75 mm
Pipe sizes: ½” to 12” Length: 0.9 m or 1.2 m
For pipe diameter above 300 mm Lamella Mat is available.
For Steel Pipes:  BS 1387, BS 3600 ANSI/ASTM B 36-10-1985
For Copper Tubes: BS 2871, ASTM B88M, IS 9842 & BS 3958

Application: Ideal for all air conditioning / ventilation systems.
Diameter Range: 4” to 18”
Service Temperature: -30~+120 °C
Velocity of air flow: 30m/s
Working Pressure: 3000 Pa
Bending Radius: 0.54*D+25 mm
Fiber Glass Thickness: 25 mm
Density: 16 kg/m³
Length: 7.6 m
Nominal Thickness of Inner duct: 30 micron


Ceramic fiber blanket is a high strength, top-tier insulation blanket made from bulk ceramic fiber, a combination of long spun fibers and needling procedure makes this blanket tough, resilient, and strong. This combination also helps ceramic fiber blanket to stay intact while being heated as well as afterwards.

As a result of its superior insulating properties, low heat absorption, and thermal shock resistance, Ceramic Fiber Blanket is an ideal product for energy saving. It enhances comfort at home and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The most common applications include asbestos paper replacement, investment cast mold wrap insulation, metal troughs back up lining, and hot top lining.


Operating Temperature: 1260 °C to 1427 °C
Density: 100 kg/m³ & 130 kg/m³
DimensionsThickness: 25 mm & 50 mm   Width: 610 mm
Length: 7200mm & 3600 mm

Operating Temperature: 1400 °C
Density: 220 kg/m³ or 300 kg/m³
DimensionsThickness: 25 mm & 50 mm   Width: 600 mm
Length: 900 mm

Operating Temperature: 1260 °C
Density: 200 kg/m³
DimensionsThickness: 2 mm to 6mm   Width: 610 mm
Length: 10000mm, 12000mm, 20000mm or 30000 mm (varies with thickness)

Operating Temperature: 1260 °C
Density: 500 kg/m³
DimensionsThickness: 1.5mm or 2 mm   Width: 1000 mm
Length: 30000 mm

Operating Temperature: 1260 °C

Density: 500 kg/m³
Size: 12 mm to 32 mm


Using molten natural rock as a source of fiber, a small amount of dust suppression agent is added to create the long fine fibers.

Rockwool Blanket consists of long fine fibers, stitched with premium wire to a facing of galvanized hexagonal wire mesh for the high temperature insulation of large pipes, vessels, tanks, and places that require high degree of flexibility in terms of vibration resistance. 

Ideal application in power plants, metallurgical plants, oil refineries, and chemical industries, including plant equipment such as exhaust flues, hot gas duct, boilers, furnaces, ovens, autoclaves and kilns.

These high temperature blankets are available as un-faced or reinforced aluminum foil faced rolls. These blankets are manufactured in compliance with BS 3958 Pt3 – 1982 and ASTM C 592 Class 1 and 2.

Flammability Report: Rockwool is highly resistant to fire with fusion temperature in excess of 750 ºC under fire conditions. Rockwool acts as a shield against flames and as such is often used in buildings and industrial plants as protection against fire.

Acoustic Properties: Rockwool is very commonly used to control noise and vibration in buildings since it absorbs sounds waves and act as barrier to them.

Maximum Service Temperature: 750 °C
Density: 40-140 kg/m³
Dimensions: Thickness: 50mm, 75mm, or 100 mm Width: 1m
Length: 2.5m, 4m, or 5m (varies with thickness)
Packing: Polythene Bags

Maximum service Temperature: 750 °C
Density: 140 kg/m³
Dimensions: Thickness: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm

Attribute: Free from Asbestos

Density: 60 kg/m³ – 200 kg/m³

Facing: Plain or with Aluminum Foil

Length: 1.2m or as per requirement from client

Width: 0.6m


Available Products: Closed Cell Elastomeric Rubber Based, & Closed Cell Polyolefin Based


Closed Cell Elastomeric Rubber Based Insulation

An elastomeric rubber based insulation material in the form of sheet with closed cell structure. It is manufactured to be used for air conditioning, heating and cooling systems.
It can be faced with aluminum foil and can be self-adhesive.

It is used on the exterior surfaces of the ducts and large diameter pipe lines in the heating, cooling and air conditioning systems for thermal insulation and condensation control purposes. For the spaces where there is heat transfer by radiation, using products faced with aluminum foil is recommended.

Properties: Thermal Insulation, Condensation Control “CFC Free, and Highly Flexible”

Thickness: 6mm to 50mm

Width: 1m or 1.2m

Length: 2000mm to 24000mm (varies with thickness)

Operating Temperature: -40 °C to 125 °C

Type: Plain/Non Adhesive, Adhesive, and Aluminum Faced

Closed Cell Polyolefin Foam Insulation

It is the leading and most innovative foam insulation available to the HVAC and Building industry worldwide.

As a result of this advanced polyolefin foam technology, it is highly recommended for air conditioning, cooling, thermal insulation and condensation control in solar energy systems.

Available Brands: Thermobreak XLPE, & Aerofoam Insulation

Properties: Technically superior – very low thermal conductivity & negligible water vapor permeability.

Thickness: 5mm to 50mm

Width: 1mm or 1.2mm

Length: 2000mm to 24000mm (varies with thickness)

Operating Temperature: -80 °C to 100 °C