Maqsood Shah

Mr. Maqsood Shah


At the core of our organization lies a strong dedication to deliver exceptional products to our clients, leveraging our technical project management expertise. We are actively implementing strategic measures to fortify our market position, enhance sales, and secure long-term growth prospects.

Since 1975, we have taken great pride in being authorized importers and distributors for nearly 20 esteemed global brands. Our affiliation with the “HVACR Society” has resulted in numerous accolades, including trophies and medals bestowed upon us during exhibitions and seminars, solidifying our reputation. Our vision entails shaping a brighter future by transforming the energy landscape and nurturing self-sufficient communities in the areas where we operate.

We possess notable strategic advantages, a well-established brand, enduring values, a dedicated workforce, and a promising trajectory ahead. We extend a warm invitation to all our clients to be part of our journey towards shaping this future. As always, we highly value our client’s feedback, as it guides us in better serving them and their companies.

Our mission centers on delivering high-quality HVAC and other industrial products while adhering to stringent standards of quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. Through professionalism, ethical conduct, superior product offerings, and excellent customer service, we aim to benefit our customers, our nation, and society as a whole.

We have been privileged to participate in renowned international and national exhibitions, where we have been honored with prestigious awards. MH SHAH & COMPANY remains committed to pursuing excellence despite the ever-increasing challenges we face.

Mr. Saad Shah


Our core belief is that sheer dedication to innovation and effective execution is the cornerstone of success. At MHS, we are deeply committed to incorporating innovation into our products & services. Innovation, in essence, entails the pursuit of better and smarter ways of doing things.

saad Shah