Lathe Chucks & Tools


Lathe chucks are basically a part of a lathe machine that is installed on top of a lathe. The lathe chuck is operated either manually or by using a power supply. The main use of a lathe chuck is to hold the material block it operates on. This keeps the piece to be machined when it spins.

It can hold both symmetric as well as asymmetrically shaped objects, especially those that lack radial symmetry. In addition to lathe machines, chucks are also used in places such as milling machines.

The three-jaw lathe chuck is the most widely used chuck. The jaws of this chuck are at 120-degree angles to each other. These jaws are made of high-quality steel. When the chucks are operated on, the jaw teeth are attached to the beveled teeth.

This interlocking causes a moment of all threes jaws towards or away from the chuck center. This moment depends on the direction of rotation of the bevel pinion. The chucks key, which is a square end key, operates the pinion. Three-jaw lathe chucks are typically employed to hold shapes such as round and hexagonal-shaped work pieces.

2 Jaw Self Centering ChucksK-10Size: 80 mm to 320 mm
3 Jaw Self Centering ChucksK-11Size: 80 mm to 630 mm
4 Jaw Self Centering ChucksK-12Size: 80 mm to 320 mm
6 Jaw Self Centering ChucksK-13Size: 80 mm to 320 mm
4 Jaw Independent ChucksK-72Size: 80 mm to 1000 mm
Jaws Standard Sizes Available
Pinions Standard Sizes Available
Screws Standard Sizes Available
Handel Standard Sizes Available
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Drill chucks are spindle-mounted mechanisms that hold a drill or other cutting instrument. They come in keyed, keyless, and hybrid systems, allowing for rapid drill bit changes.  Drill Chucks are frequently linked to a machine’s spindle through a Drill Chuck Arbor that may be removed.

The arbor is basically a steel shaft with two ends, one machined to fit into the spindle of a machine and the other machined to fit into the rear of a drill chuck. Jaws are widely used to hold the tool or work piece in chucks. Jaws are usually placed in a radially symmetrical arrangement.

Available Products:

  • Key Type Drill Chuck
  • Keyless Drill Chuck



Size: ½”, 5/8” & 3/4” 


A revolving center, also known as a rotating center or running center in some countries, is constructed so that the 60° center runs in its own bearings and is used at the non-driven or tailstock end of a machine.


Size: No. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6    

Type: Normal & Medium